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Boris Johnson close to securing pre-Brexit December general election

Boris Johnson is close to securing agreement for a general election before the end of.

Conservative MPs fear anti-Brexit voters will defeat Boris Johnson

Conservative MPs are urging Boris Johnson to bin his push for a general election this.

Brexit: Justin Welby urges Boris Johnson to tone down ‘inflammatory’ language

The Archbishop of Canterbury has taken Prime Minister Boris Johnson to task for his use.

Lib Dems and SNP join forces to grant Boris Johnson’s wish for December election

The Liberal Democrats and SNP are preparing to grant Boris Johnson’s wish for a general.

Boris Johnson pulls £100 million ‘Get Ready for Brexit’ adverts

Boris Johnson pulls £100 million no-deal Brexit advertising campaign as the UK heads for another.

Boris Johnson in new push for a UK snap election | UK News

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he will ask Parliament to approve an early election, his.

Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan will hand businesses £11.2bn costs campaigners warn

Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan would hit British businesses with up to £11.2 billion in administrative.

EU to delay Brexit until next year after Boris Johnson abandons bill

Brexit is set to be delayed until next year after European Council President Donald Tusk.

Boris Johnson’s plan to force through his Brexit bill rejected by MPs

Boris Johnson’s bid to force through Brexit laws in time for the UK to leave.

Boris Johnson faces showdown with lawmakers over Brexit bill

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was headed for a showdown Tuesday with lawmakers who want.

What next after Boris Johnson denied vote on Brexit deal?

Britain’s long and winding path out of the European Union has taken another twist —.

Brexit: Humiliated Boris Johnson sends unsigned extension letter to EU

Humiliated Boris Johnson has sent an unsigned extension letter he vowed to die in a.

UK parliament snubs Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal | News

Britain‘s parliament has inflicted a humiliating defeat on Boris Johnson days after he returned from Brussels with a deal aimed at.

POLL: Brits would rather scrap Brexit than accept Boris Johnson’s deal

Just one in five British people would choose to leave the EU with Boris Johnson’s.

Doubts over fate of Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal | News

London, United Kingdom – Boris Johnson‘s Brexit deal with Brussels at the expense of unionist politicians.

Boris Johnson has finally agreed a Brexit deal with the EU

Boris Johnson has agreed a draft Brexit deal with the EU. The agreement sets up.

Boris Johnson’s Brexit hopes dashed after DUP say no to a deal

Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal close to collapse after his governing partners refuse to support it..

Boris Johnson prepares to delay Brexit under ‘all circumstances’

Boris Johnson is increasingly likely to ask for a Brexit delay this week. The prime.

Boris Johnson accused of using Queen’s Speech to rig result of next election

Boris Johnson has been accused of using Monday’s Queen’s Speech as a “blatant” attempt to.

The EU accuses Boris Johnson of playing ‘stupid blame game’ on Brexit

The EU accuses Boris Johnson of playing a “stupid blame game” on Brexit as relations.

Boris Johnson tells police to ‘use full force of law’ against Extinction Rebellion

Boris Johnson has urged police to “use the full force of the law” to deal.

Jennifer Arcuri had secret codename for Boris Johnson to hide their friendship

Jennifer Arcuri has revealed she had a ‘codename’ for Boris Johnson that was designed to.

Jennifer Arcuri says affair with Boris Johnson is ‘no-one’s business’

The woman Boris Johnson is accused of giving favours to while Mayor of London speaks.

Jennifer Arcuri refuses to deny sex with Boris Johnson in bombshell TV interview

Jennifer Arcuri today repeatedly refused to deny having a sexual relationship with Boris Johnson in.

Boris Johnson team in talks with Labour MPs as ‘up to 40’ could back Brexit deal

Boris Johnson’s allies have been trying to persuade Labour MPs to back his Brexit plans.

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