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UK’s Johnson defends planned law, says EU ‘unreasonable’

Prime Minister Boris Johnson says his plan to unilaterally rewrite Britain’s divorce deal with the.

Johnson says UK will quit Brexit talks if no deal by Oct 15

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is talking tough ahead of a crucial round of post-Brexit trade.

On V-J Day, UK’s Johnson pays tribute to campaign’s veterans

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has paid tribute to surviving veterans of the multinational World.

Coronavirus: Johnson’s government could add France to UK quarantine list

Brits visiting France could soon be asked to quarantine when they return to the UK..

Care home chiefs fear Boris making them scapegoats over 20,000 coronavirus deaths

Care home chiefs fear they will be scapegoats for government blunders that led to the.

UK police say Johnson aide made ‘minor’ lockdown rule breach

British police say Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s adviser Dominic Cummings likely broke the rules by.

British Left Organises Anti-Johnson Two Minutes Hate

The coronavirus-era phenomenon of weekly public applause for medical workers has taken a less positive.

UK watchdog clears Johnson of criminal wrongdoing

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will not face a criminal investigation into whether he offered.

UK’s Johnson says shops, schools could partially reopen from June | Coronavirus pandemic News

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Sunday that Britain’s coronavirus lockdown will be in place.

The SAGE Committee Running Britain Is More Corbyn Than Boris

Finally, the UK government has published the names of the people on the committee running.

UK made contingency plans in case Johnson died in COVID-19 battle | News

Boris Johnson, the United Kingdom’s prime minister, has revealed that the British government made contingency.

Boris Govt Under Fire as Coronavirus Deaths Pass 20,000

LONDON (AP) – Britain’s government on Saturday defended the independence of the scientists advising it.

UK’s Johnson out of intensive care as his condition improves

LONDON — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was moved out of intensive care Thursday at.

Johnson ‘stable’ as UK records deadliest day since epidemic began | UK News

While British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s condition, suffering from a coronavirus infection, is improving in intensive care and he.

Labour Regional Mayor: Boris ‘Completely Deserves’ Coronavirus

A Labour Party mayor has said that Prime Minister Boris Johnson “completely deserves” to be.

Govt Minister Claims Boris ‘Very Much In Charge’ Despite Hospitalisation

Prime Minister Boris Johnson remained in hospital overnight after his admission for “tests” — but.

2nd UK Cabinet member joins Johnson in having virus symptoms

Another member of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Cabinet says he has developed symptoms of.

British Prime Minister Johnson tests positive for virus

LONDON — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for the new coronavirus, the.

‘Stay at home’: UK’s Johnson ramps up response to virus

LONDON — Britain has become the latest European country to go into effective lockdown to.

‘We Are All Nationalists Now’, Boris ‘Negligent’

Nigel Farage has said that the actions of governments across Europe over coronavirus “show the.

UK’s Johnson stands by colleague as bullying claims mount

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has come to the defense of Home Secretary Priti Patel.

Boris Huawei Row with Trump Intensifies, Australia MPs Cancel UK Visit

Boris Johnson’s row with U.S. President Trump and other key allies over Huawei has intensified,.

UK’s Johnson under pressure over adviser who linked IQ, race

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has come under pressure to fire an adviser who has.

EU official rejects Johnson’s idea of loose UK trade deal

The European Union’s top official is dismissing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s idea of brokering.

UK’s Johnson talks tough over post-Brexit trade with EU

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is setting out a tough opening gambit in his country’s.

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