Parents honor first female U.S. VP-elect Kamala Harris with daughters

Kamala Harris just made history, and young girls everywhere are noticing.

On Nov. 7, a Saturday following one of the most tumultuous weeks in American political history, United States Senator Harris became Vice President-elect Harris. The momentous occasion, celebrated with cheering in the streets and a truly excellent tweet from Harris herself, sets the stage for the soon-to-be-former California Senator to assume the powerful executive office in January as the first woman, the first Black person, and the first South Asian person to ever do so.

“My daughter will never remember a time when there wasn’t (sic) women holding the highest offices in the land,” one parent tweeted of the Biden-Harris victory.

“And now I get to show my daughter someone who looks like her as the Vice President of these beautiful United States!” wrote another.

Messages like these can be found across social media β€” all stories of families gathering around the news to explain what this historic event means and collectively dream of what it symbolizes for the future of daughters everywhere.

“I got to tell my daughter this morning that the first American female vice president looks like her,” tweeted one person. “Pure joy. Thank you to all the hardworking organizers all over the country and the Black voters who showed up and made this happen!”

“As a fifth grader, I dreamed a woman would become Vice-President (sic),” said another. “Now my fifth-grade daughter has Kamala Harris to thank for making our dreams come true.Β 

As parents across the country process the coming end to the Trump administration, a period marked by turmoil, pain, and division, the promise of a better future brings the hope we need.


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