Peloton’s holiday ad has serious horror movie vibes

Peloton is leaning into the holidays with a vaguely threatening ad. 

The company, which makes pricey, connected exercise bikes is notorious for its bizarre advertising; earlier this year, its campaign blew up after a viral Twitter thread highlighted some questionable interior design choices. The luxury stationary bikes — which clock in at $2,245 for the most basic machine and $39 a month to stream virtual workout classes — are often mocked for being the height of an affluent, but unnecessary, lifestyle. 

In its latest ad, which is getting ripped apart online, a man gifts a woman a Peloton bike. 

“A Peloton?” she gasps, uncovering her eyes. 

Then, she begins vlogging. She records herself biking in her luxurious living room, and the floor to ceiling windows show the seasons changing from a snow-covered winter wonderland to a lush summer garden. 

“A year ago, I didn’t realize how much this would change me,” she tells the camera, which has infuriatingly switched between portrait and landscape aspect ratios. “Thank you.” 

We have… questions.

Why was she so nervous to ride a stationary bike? Why did she make a supercut of her vlogs a year later? Has anything changed about her, except her compulsion to wake up at dawn to cycle? Does she know any life outside Peloton now?

Some Twitter users joked that the ad’s main character seemed scared to not bike after Twitter user @SamuelMoen’s tweet calling out the ad went viral. 

If you’re going to vlog your cycling prison, at least hold your phone the same way each time! 

Filmmaker Olga Nunes edited the ad with ominous music, turning it into a Black Mirror trailer. 

Again, this ad has huge horror movie energy. 

Maybe the real holiday cheer was the cult we joined along the way!