Pep Lijnders lifts lid on Liverpool’s approach to Carabao Cup and Club World Cup clash

Liverpool assistant manager Pep Lijnders has explained how the Reds will contend with their Carabao Cup and Club World Cup fixture pile-up.

Jurgen Klopp’s men are due to face Aston Villa on December 17 in their Carabao Cup quarter-final before tackling a yet to be decided side in the FIFA Club World Cup the following day.

The Reds have already revealed that they will split their squad for the quick turnaround from Villa Park to Qatar.

And Lijnders has let slip that plans are already being put in place and offers slightly more information.

“It is important with a ‘culture of victory’ because each prize we can win is important, so we try to attack each competition we play,” Lijnders told  Liverpool FC official magazine .

Pep Lijnders and Jurgen Klopp watch a Liverpool training session


“But, for me, the most important thing is the chance to show, in a different part of the world, our identity and our philosophy and a real spirit of initiative.

“In a perfect world people should look forward to seeing us play. As regards [to] changing between England and Qatar, we already have the people in charge who are preparing to make this process as smooth as possible.

“We have to ignore what’s beyond our control whatever the circumstances. This is what we always try to do, but in these periods, it will be even more the case.”

Liverpool want to add to their trophy cabinet

Liverpool qualified for the Club World Cup by virtue of winning the Champions League last season.

And Lijnders wants to add the international prize to the Reds’ burgeoning trophy cabinet.

“It would be incredible to become champions of the world,” says the Reds assistant. “Not many big teams get this chance. It’s a mark, a stamp of a strong process over many years.

“We have to think about the semi-final first, it’s the first step and the only one that counts at the moment.

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“We will show we care and we will show what we want to achieve. We will fight for a result and make it an intense game from out side.

“It’s different when you come back as the winning team, that’s for sure!

“For me, the most important aspect is to keep the team fresh during this period, knowing that what puts us above the rest is our mentality. We will always focus and what we can control.”


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