Photos show how California is coping with blackouts to stop wildfires

  • Millions of Californians are without power after PG&E, California’s largest utility company, cut off 750,000 of its customer accounts.
  • It’s trying to minimize the possibility of forest fires, after weather forecasts predicted high winds and dry weather for fire prone areas.
  • In response to the planned power cuts, lines formed at gas stations, schools and universities closed, and perishables like ice cream melted.
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Many Californians are fuming as intentional power cuts leave millions in the dark.

Estimates of more than two million people are, or could soon be, without power. PG&E, California’s largest utility company planned to cut off power to 750,000 of its Californian customer accounts (each can cover several family members) in 34 counties. As of Thursday lunchtime, 700,000 customers were without power

It was “a last resort” to try minimize the possibility of forest fires, after high winds and dry weather were forecast.

Before the preemptive power cuts, lines formed at gas stations and hardware stores, and schools closed. Afterwards, traffic lights went down, gas cookers went on, and millions of people are sitting, waiting it out in the dark.

Here’s what it’s like.


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