A New Front in the Kavanaugh Wars: Temperament and Honesty

“We all saw something about Judge Kavanaugh’s temperament and character that day that should disqualify him from serving on the Supreme Court of the United States,” Ms. Hirono said. “He was angry. He was belligerent. He was partisan. He went on the attack against senators questioning him. These are not qualities we look for in a Supreme Court justice, or a judge for that matter.”

But Senator Charles E. Grassley, Republican of Iowa and the Judiciary Committee chairman, said Judge Kavanaugh could be excused for showing passion. Mr. Grassley said he was reminded of the 1991 testimony of Clarence Thomas, who told the committee that the hearing into sexual harassment allegations from Anita F. Hill amounted to a “high-tech lynching.”

“I don’t think what he said is any different than what Justice Thomas said,” Mr. Grassley said. He added of Justice Thomas, “He’s been on the Supreme Court for 26 years and I’ve never heard anybody raise any questions about his temperament, and it’s seemed to me to be just as dogmatic and as explosive as what he said.”

Judge Kavanaugh has also not been helped by the emergence of former Yale classmates who have accused him of lying to the committee about his college drinking habits when he told the panel that he “did not drink beer to the point of blacking out.”

Chad Ludington, who attended Yale with Judge Kavanaugh and now teaches history at North Carolina State University, described the young Mr. Kavanaugh as a “frequent drinker, and a heavy drinker” who often became belligerent while drunk. Another Yale classmate, Jennifer Klaus, said she often socialized with Judge Kavanaugh at Yale and vigorously disputed his portrayal of himself.

“He was a sloppy drunk — I remember him asleep on his feet slurring his words,” said Ms. Klaus, a former roommate of Deborah Ramirez, who has accused Judge Kavanaugh of exposing himself to her at a drunken Yale dormitory party. “If he can lie about this, what else can he lie about?”

The White House pushed back on Monday by issuing statements from two other college friends of Judge Kavanaugh, who contradicted Mr. Ludington. “I never saw Brett black out or not be able to remember the prior evening’s events, nor did I ever see Brett act aggressive, hostile or in a sexually aggressive manner to women,” wrote one of them, Dan Murphy, a former suite mate of Judge Kavanaugh.

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