Pope Francis Endorsement ‘Most Coveted’ in Primary Race

Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg said Thursday that he wanted the endorsement of Pope Francis over all others in the Democrat primary race.

Buttigieg commented on political endorsements during a podcast interview with CEO of IMPACT Strategies Angela Rye at Claflin University.

“Your most coveted endorsement in the race is who?” Rye asked.

Buttigieg paused, but ultimately said, “The Pope, I want the endorsement of the Pope.”

The former mayor did not choose any prominent Democrats in the country or even former President Barack Obama.

Buttigieg was raised Catholic, but is now an Episcopalian.

The former mayor answered a series of quick questions at the beginning of his interview with Rye.

When asked when was the last time he cussed, Buttigieg admitted that it was “probably an hour ago.”

When asked about his favorite rapper, Buttigieg replied that “Chance” was probably his favorite, getting a mixed response from the crowd.

He also said that “bad grammar in emails” was one of his pet peeves and that the last time he cried was while watching the TV show This Is Us. 

When asked about his goals for the new year, Buttigieg replied, “I want to feel built for the summer, I want to get ‘swole.’”


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