President Trump Has Mild Coronavirus Symptoms

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows confirmed on Friday morning President Donald Trump was experiencing mild symptoms from the coronavirus after his positive test announced earlier.

“The president does have mild symptoms,” Meadows said to reporters outside the White House.

Meadows said that the White House continued to follow safety protocols and that the president was working from the residence of the building.

“He’s in the residence now and, in true fashion, he’s probably critiquing the way I’m answering these questions,” Meadows said.

The Chief of Staff said that doctors were monitoring the president’s health and that they would provide an update later in the day.

He declined to get into the “tick-tock” of why the president traveled to New Jersey on Thursday after his advisor Hope Hicks was tested positive for the virus. Meadows said that the news of Hicks’ positive test was learned just as Marine One was leaving the White House.


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