Rolling around on the Segway S-Pod, a self-balancing chair – Video

If you wanna find out about the future of personal mobility, I invite you to take a seat in this, the SEGWAY S-POD.
It’s a personal transportation vehicle on wheels if you will, and it’s so much fun and incredibly easy.
Easy to drive.
I’ve only been playing with this for probably two minutes, and I feel like I’m okay at driving it.
I’m fairly confident that I’m not going to crash it.
So unlike a regular Segway, This is actually not controlled by moving forward and back for your body to kinda get the balance, it’s all self balancing.
So all I have to do is take a seat and it does everything for me.
This control pad over here, I move that back and forth, side to side, in order to move forward and back or turn around.
It’s top speed is around 24 miles an hour.
Although for this demo, it’s limited to around 7 and 1/2 miles so I can’t go too crazy unfortunately.
Now, you’re probably thinking, why on earth would I want one of these?
And I thought so too until I actually sat in it and drove it around for a little bit and I have to say I had an initial look of fear on my face when I started driving it.
And then I really, really want one.
The more I drive it, the more I realized this would actually be a lot of fun.
I know I would get a lot of crazy looks and people will think that I am.
I don’t know what they’re going to think.
But anyway, this is so much fun to actually drive.
So it’s designed to actually be Be used in places like malls, airports, or even theme parks.
And it’s incredibly easy to drive as I said, like so you just move the joystick.
And you can also do some spin..
Around the back there are also some lights to kind of give others a little bit of awareness of what you’re doing and Some indicators and you worried about safety?
That’s one of my key things too.
Obviously wearing a helmet, but also you are actually not supposed to be able to tip this thing, because according to Segway, because it’s just in the center of gravity, it’s probably not possible to tip it over.
That’s what they say, I haven’t had enough time with it yet to tell you.
I would definitely like to put this one To its limits and test it out as much as I can, but that’s going to be for another time because here at CES 2020 this is in hot demand and a lot of people want to play with it.
One other thing I want to show you in the side as well there is a compartment for your tablets, which you will be able to use to control the actual vehicle rather Than the actual joystick itself and possibly because some entertainment as well.
All of this is about 16 inches high and it can hold the weight of around 265 pounds and I believe itself it weighs a little over 300 pounds.
Now unfortunately, you can’t buy this just yet.
Segway says it’s coming around 2021 And we don’t have a price yet, so stay tuned for that, I’m sure it’s not gonna be cheap.
But this your first look at the Segway sPOD, I am just kinda keep driving around, going as fast as I can.
Okay, maybe I shouldn’t go that fast, but this is a lot of fun.
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