Samsung Galaxy Fold durability video shows failings under pressure


Samsung has decided to offer up its re-tooled, supposedly more durable Galaxy Fold to durability reviewers, and the results are not pretty.

After a disastrous and embarrassing initial launch this spring, Samsung has finally debuted its redesigned foldable phone in Korea, parts of Europe, and Singapore (it should be coming to the U.S. soon). Mashable found that it certainly seems sturdier than it did before, but that impression from a few minutes of inspection at Berlin’s IFA trade show is no substitute for seeing how it performs after prolonged use, and under pressure.

YouTuber JerryRigEverything performed a durability test on the phone, and the Fold did not fare well. At the 6-minute mark, we get a lot more action videos of how the gears work. But soon, after subjecting the phone to durability tests, the screen loses an entire line of pixels and touch screen functionality. 

“One wrong move, one little accident, and now the entire top section of my phone is dead,” the video says.


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