Save $115 in this early Black Friday deal

SAVE $115: Keep an eye on your dog even when you’re not home with the Furbo dog camera, on sale for $133.99 at Amazon as of Oct. 28 in an early Black Friday deal of the day. 

We always wished there was a movie about what dogs do when their owners aren’t home — like Toy Story, but for pups. Do they sleep all day? Go digging in the trash? Do they play with toys by themselves? We just need to know.

While it won’t make a movie with a storyline about your dog, the Furbo dog camera does make it possible to see what your furry friend is up to while you’re out. It’s also on sale in an early Black Friday deal for almost half off, at $133.99 through Oct. 28. 

It’s hard to be away from your pooch during the day, but Furbo makes it easy to see what your dog is up to, and keeps tabs on Rover’s safety. Attached to an app, you can see what’s going on live through your smartphone at all times. The 1080p HD camera has night vision capabilities, so you can monitor your doggo regardless of the time of day. It also has a 160-degree wide-angle view, so if you set it up in a good spot in your room, you should have a pretty wide field of vision. 

Some of the reviews by pet owners say that Furbo has saved their dog during a fire or a break-in, thanks to the two-way audio, and the alerts it sends to your smartphone. Furbo’s barking sensor will send a notification to your phone if it detects lots of barking. There’s also a person alert to make sure all the people around your fur baby are ones you know. 

Aside from the safety aspects, Furbo’s two-way audio also lets you talk to your pupper, in case you need to calm them down (separation anxiety is real) or if you just want to tell them what a good boy/girl they are. You can also toss treats through the Furbo app. All you need to do is fill it up with your dog’s favorite snack, and push the treat button on your phone while you’re away. 

Your dog will love the treats and you’ll love knowing that your best friend is safe (and not ripping up your shoes, again) with the Furbo dog camera, only $133.99. Don’t wait, this paw-fect deal only lasts through Oct. 28. 

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