Save $150 on the early 2020 model

Save $150: The MacBook Air (256GB) from early 2020 is on sale for $849.99 at Amazon as of Nov. 18 — $50 less than the price we’ve seen for months. Save $150 when you add the $50 coupon at checkout.

As unhinged as the year 2020 is, it feels completely fine that Apple has released two new MacBook Air models in the span of a year.

Naturally, the older (but still very new?) model has quietly taken on a new discount. Entering the market at a starting price of $999.99 (compared to $1,099.99 for the 2019 model), the 2020 Air was already a bone thrown to us by Apple. On top of the $100 discount that it has seen a few times, a new $50 coupon has appeared to take it to a new all-time-low price. The 256GB SSD MacBook Air will be just $849.99 once the coupon has been applied at checkout, 

The late-2020 model that just came out has taken over the $999.99 spot.

How much could Apple have possibly changed in the nine months between the launches? A lot, actually. Apple has officially ditched the Intel chips. The 2020 Air’s silky performance is made possible by a new M1 chip, which sucks less battery life and operates as cleanly as the newest iPhones. Graphics are said to be five times faster than with predecessors. The new way of processing is so light and airy that no cooling fan is needed.

But there’s a big “however” coming in here. Though these changes were cool, the early 2020 MacBook Air is still one of Apple’s best offerings. It was the blueprint — the model that first introduced the upgrades that people had been begging for: double the base storage, a 10th generation processor, and NO MORE MISERABLE BUTTERFLY KEYBOARD. 

For $150 less, you’d still be getting the Air that Apple got just right. FWIW, the early and late 2020 models look essentially identical on the outside. Touch ID and a Retina display with True Tone are present, too.


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