“She Is a Hurt Woman”

Lamar opened up to Wendy Williams about his most recent public split. “She is a hurt woman. She has a lot of problems that I don’t think any one of us could help her with. She probably needs therapy,” he told the talk show host. “She’s a decrepit reptilian.” 

He added, “I’m on The Wendy Williams Show and I’m trying to be honest because this woman was putting out that I was doing drugs … So, anyone that does that to me, of course, if you know my past, that means you’re trying to hurt me. You’re trying to hurt my progression and my lifestyle. So, I kind of take that personal.”  

Wendy blatantly asked the former basketball star if he’s ever cheated on his ex, which he replied: “I did.” 

However, Lamar also accused Sabrina of also being unfaithful in their relationship. “There were always some things that made me look at her at the corner of my eye,” he said. “Like when she told me she had slept with my ex-wife’s significant other.”  

Though he doesn’t mention names, Lamar seems to allude that his ex slept with Tristan Thompson. You know, the father of Khloe’s baby.


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