Special Prosecutor Being Assigned to Investigate Hunter Biden Saga ‘Has Merit’

Wednesday on Hugh Hewitt’s nationally syndicated radio show, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows acknowledged being open to the possibility of looking into possible wrongdoing by Joe and Hunter Biden through the use of a special counsel based on revelations from a recent New York Post story.

However, Meadows told Hewitt that his emphasis in discussion with Attorney General William Barr was about taking an impartial view of the matter.

Partial transcript as follows:

HEWITT: Now Chief of Staff Meadows, obviously the Attorney General works for the President. If the President wants to, he can direct Bill Barr to appoint a special counsel to look into the Biden email situation, both Bidens, and whether any laws were broken. I believe this is one of the few times in my life I believe the special counsel is necessary for this reason. If the President wins, people will believe any prosecution brought as a result of these emails will be a revenge prosecution. If he loses, they will believe that anything that doesn’t happen will be because of a coverup. Have you discussed with the President the need for a special counsel for these emails?

MEADOWS: I certainly have. You know, that’s not to suggest that there’s not an investigation going on now. We would not have visibility into that. Obviously, we could have, but for part of that aspect of trying to be neutral and not put our hand on Lady Justice’s scales, we have not looked into that, and in terms of what may or may not be happening now. And as you know, the FBI and DOJ, they don’t confirm whether there’s an investigation that’s ongoing or not. That being said, a special prosecutor being assigned is certainly something that has merit. It’s also something that has been considered. It’s not necessarily at the top of our priority list in this last 13 days, but as we’re looking at that, we think an independent special counsel might be the best medicine for this, not that anything would come out before November 3, nor should that be an expectation that any of your listeners would hear. But it would show the independence that you were talking about, Hugh.

HEWITT: And I believe whatever the result, if it was a special counsel, would be trusted. And otherwise, one half of the country will not trust whatever happens with the Biden emails unless it comes from a special counsel. So I think it’s the ideal situation. Have you discussed it with the Attorney General, Chief of Staff Meadows?

MEADOWS: Really, my discussions with the Attorney General have been more about making sure that whatever we do, that we do it with an impartial view. I don’t want to get into any further in terms of what discussions I may have had with Attorney General Barr. Honestly, I’ve tried to let him do this job independent of any direct, you know, contact from the White House. so most of what my conversations have been with Attorney General Barr have been more on some of the ongoing operations to stop gun violence in Chicago and St. Louis and areas like that. So me weighing in with him on that particular issue is not something I’ve done, nor something that I plan to do.

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