Starbucks has new pineapple tumbler that is going viral

Fall may have begun this week, but Starbucks is helping customers hang onto summer for a little bit longer with a tumbler inspired by one of the season’s signature fruits.

Pineapple tumblers have popped up at select Starbucks locations, and fans of the brand are going wild trying to get their hands on one.

The pineapple tumbler has a yellow cup with a green lid and straw to mimic the stem and body of the fruit.

But the cup’s most unconventional feature is its ridged sides, mimicking the unique texture of real pineapples.

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Starbucks did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for information about where the tumblers are sold, but the #StarbucksHawaii and #StarbucksHawaiiTumbler hashtags seem to indicate that they are being offered at locations in Hawaii, Korea, and Japan.

Some fans who have found the cups in their local Starbucks have begun selling them on resale websites for an inflated price.

Enrich Kitchen is selling one pineapple tumbler for a whopping $126.16, while its available for $45 on eBay, $36 from Mercari, and $40 from Poshmark.

The tumbler is being resold on Enrich Kitchen for $126.16.
Enrich Kitchen

The tumbler is being resold on eBay for $45.00.

This isn’t the first time the limited availability of a popular Starbucks tumbler has considerably driven up its price. Starbucks’ studded matte black tumbler also sold for significantly more than in-store prices online.

If you find yourself stuck in the continental United States and unwilling to drop $40 or more to buy the cups, there are still plenty of fun Starbucks tumblers available. The coffee giant just rolled out a line of spooky to-go cups in honor of Halloween.


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