Steve Martin’s perfect fix for not being recognized during a pandemic

Tom Hanks is the one who tends to dominate the “this actor is a national treasure” conversation, but let’s not forget about Steve Martin.

The legendary comic, actor, writer, and banjo player is feeling frustrated. He’s a famous guy, you know. But now, in this time of a global pandemic, he’s not getting the accolades he so richly deserves when he deigns to bless us with his presence on the streets. 

It’s because of the mask. No one can tell the difference between a masked Steve Martin and any other masked 70-something guy. So he came up with a perfectly low-tech solution to help people know when they can say hello and ask for a (socially distanced!) selfie with a celebrity.

Here I am, stepping all over Steve’s joke. Please enjoy this perfect tweet and think of Steve the next time you have that “national treasure” conversation about your Hollywood faves.


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