Supporters Shout, ‘Lock Him Up!’ When Trump Mentions Barack Obama

Supporters of President Donald Trump began chanting, “Lock him up!” on Sunday night when he mentioned former President Barack Obama at a campaign rally in Nevada.

The president spoke about Obama, adding that he, “by the way, got caught spying on my campaign.”

“He got caught,” Trump continued. “We have him cold, now let’s see what happens.”

Trump’s comments inspired repeated chants of “Lock him up!” — a familiar chant that was used for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during Trump’s 2016 campaign.

The president noted that if the same thing had happened to Democrats, they would have prosecuted him.

Republicans, he said, are not as effective as Democrats. “They don’t fight to win,” Trump said. “They have better policy, but they don’t have that vicious streak.”

“If this was reversed, they would be in jail for two years already, and it would be a 50-year term for treason,” he continued.


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