Tech Mogul John McAfee: ‘If We Are All Armed, We Are All Equal’

Tech mogul John McAfee personally stays armed 24/7 and wholeheartedly believes, “If we are all armed, we are all equal.”

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that McAfee has a security detail, but he keeps a gun on his person in case an attacker is able to circumvent the detail.

McAfee used a tweet to say, “My sidearm is ALWAYS in my hand when I’m on the toilet, sleeping and making love. Puts a kink in foreplay but some women love it. Accidental discharge? No. Some intentional when idiots tried to rush me.”

In another tweet McAfee embedded a video he said: “Look at the Wild West, before the Colt .45, men with guns shot, killed, and brutalized, those who did not [have them]. The the Colt .45 came around. Cheap, effective, everybody had one. What happened? You walked into a bar, you bumped into somebody, you f*cking apologized, you were stupid not to. If we are all armed, we are all equal.”

McAfee suggests “the greatest periods of human history,” in which there existed “art, beauty, creativity, politeness, and gentle manners,” were all times wherein “every man, woman, and child was armed.” He made clear he has no plans to spend his days on this earth without a gun by his side.

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