Microsoft Office 365, Azure lock out some people who use multifactor authentication


People are having issues accessing their Microsoft Office 365 accounts.


You may use multifactor authentication (MFA) to add an extra layer of security to your Microsoft accounts. But that extra security may be the reason you’re locked out.

On Monday, Microsoft customers who use MFA were locked out of their Microsoft Azure and Office 365 accounts. Microsoft has confirmed the problem on its Azure and Office 365 status pages and is currently working on the issue.

Office 365 is Microsoft’s subscription to its Office products (like Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint) that provides the latest version of its software, exchange email and cloud storage. Meanwhile, Azure is the company’s cloud computing service. Both are used in business, so this outage may be affecting people’s work today.

Two-factor and multifactor authentication involves using an extra step (like a phone number or verification code) in addition to your login credentials. This makes it harder for people to log in to your account if they have your username and password. It’s a useful trick, but security researchers say that it isn’t very widespread.

According to Microsoft’s status pages, some users are starting to be successfully logged in.

A Microsoft spokesperson told CNET, “A number of affected customers are now authenticating successfully. We’re continuing to address the delay some are still experiencing using multifactor authentication. More information is available at”

Update, 12:35 p.m. PT: Adds Microsoft comment.

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