Save money, rent clothes – Video

Instead of shelling out big money for designer clothing and fancy jewelry pay pennies on the dollar and rent them instead.
Just as the name implies the website Rent the Runway puts high fashion on loan.
Enter your rental dates and search for what you are looking for.
Either by type of clothing or the occasion.
A couple of perks of the site.
There are extensive customer reviews and photos of other users in the clothing.
And the service will actually send you two sizes of the same item to ensure a good fit.
Think of style land like your best friend’s closet, literally.
The designer clothes on this site belong to other users who wan to rent them out for a fee.
Styles and sizes may be a bit more limited, but it’s a good spot to perhaps find more unique or high-end offerings.
Finally, if you’re after jewels, click over to adorn.
Some of these baubles are worth tens of thousands of dollars.
That can be yours for the weekend for a teeny fraction of that.
All of the jewelry comes insured, but a small percentage of the total is held on your credit card until the piece is returned in a prepaid envelope.
In San Francisco I’m Kara Tsuboi with CNET for CBS news.

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