The best wrench set in 2020

  • If you’re like me, and it seems like you never have the right wrench on hand, you need a full wrench set.
  • The GearWrench Drake Combination Wrench Set is our top pick because it comes with 20 or 32 high-quality wrenches in both inches and millimeters, so you’ll have the right wrench at the right time.

There’s a saying among those who rely on tools to do their work: If you want to complete a job successfully, you need to use the right tool. Combination wrenches may be the ultimate example of needing the right tool for each job. As a combination wrench has a specific size that is not adjustable, trying to use the wrong wrench on a nut will go poorly.

With wrenches, you also have to deal with both SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers — AKA inches) and metric sizes. Trying to use a combination wrench that’s even 1/32 of an inch off won’t end well.

So when you want the peace of mind of having the right combination wrench on hand for the job, it’s helpful to own a wrench set. These sets will contain several wrenches of varying sizes, giving you a much better chance of having the right wrench on hand.

There’s more to consider than your might thing when shopping for wrenches. For a quick primer on what to consider, scroll to the bottom of this guide. In our guide, we’ve included combination, ratcheting, and stubby wrench sets to suit a variety of needs.

These are the best wrench sets:

Prices and links are current as of 8/13/20. We removed our pick for the best ratcheting set because it was redundant. Our best overall pick is already includes ratcheting capabilities.


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