The capital stays another week in orange

The Mexican capital has already spent 15 weeks at a traffic light due to COVID-19, but it is expected to turn yellow soon due to the considerable drop in cases and hospitalizations.

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This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

The Head of Government of Mexico City , Claudia Sheinbaum , reported that Mexico City turns yellow from the epidemiological traffic light due to the COVID-19 pandemic after spending 15 weeks in orange.

During her evening conference on October 9, the head of Government indicated that hospitalizations for COVID-19 had dropped significantly in the Mexican capital.

“There is a reduction, but we are not yet in the possibility of going to the yellow traffic light,” said the official.

Sheinbaum stressed that it is important to maintain the healthy distance measures as they have been carried out for almost seven months in Mexico City, particularly to avoid exacerbated outbreaks as seen in countries like Spain.

“We do not want the city to have a regrowth. The measures are the same: use of face masks, healthy distance and hand washing,” said the head of government and stressed that, before any symptoms, you have to isolate yourself and call Locatel to be referred to one of the 18 free COVID-19 hospitals in the capital.


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