There is already a beer created by Artificial Intelligence

Deeper is a drink produced in Switzerland with the assistance of AI.

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  • To carry out this project, the creators chose the Indian Pale Ale type of beer.

Technology has become a large part of our lives and with it Artificial Intelligence (AI) has intruded into our daily lives, so much so that with the help of it we have been able to create products that man normally makes.

In this context, a Swiss company launched Deeper, the first beer in the European country created with the assistance of AI. The recipe for the drink was made by the algorithm known as Brauer AI.


To carry out this project, the creators chose the type of Indian Pale Ale beer, subsequently the algorithm analyzed market trends and an international database with around 157 thousand recipes to choose the type of malt and hops to use.

The MN Brew microbrewery, the University of Lucerne and the Jaywalker Digital company participated in the creation of this product. On the official page of the drink, the little legend explains “we believe in the power of merging human wisdom with artificial intelligence.”


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