Thieves steal business jet in Mexico, crash in Guatemala

Authorities say thieves stole a business jet from an airport in central Mexico, flew it to Venezuela, loaded it with drugs and then crashed the plane in Guatemala

The attorney general’s office in Guatemala said four people were killed when the BAE 125 jet crashed and burned there Thursday.

The dead could not be immediately identified because they were so badly burned, but drugs and weapons were found in the wreckage of the craft, which authorities also referred to as a Hawker 800.

Mexico’s Civil Aviation Agency said three people asked permission to fuel up the jet, purportedly in order to perform maintenance checks on the plane. Then, without permission, they taxied to a runway and took off, without having filled any flight plan.

Authorities tracked the plane as it flew south.

The drugs found on the plane could theoretically have been aboard since it left Mexico, but there would be little reason to move drugs toward Venezuela, which is a major transit hub for South American cocaine. It was much more likely the drugs were loaded aboard in Venezuela.


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