Three Suspected Thieves Caught Assaulting Store Owner

Authorities are searching for three suspected thieves who were caught on camera pepper spraying and assaulting a beauty store owner at a Maryland mall, according to a video of the incident.

Montgomery County Police released a surveillance video showing three women causing mayhem at the Westfield Wheaton Mall on September 23, when they allegedly punched and pepper sprayed four people including a store owner after a store owner caught them shoplifting, the Wheaton Patch reported.

Police were called to the shopping center earlier after reports of a theft at Target, but once officers arrived, they got a different call about another alleged theft on the other side of the shopping center.

Police said they later discovered the people behind the beauty store theft were the same people who tried to swipe supplies from Target.

When the beauty supply store owner confronted the women, two of the suspects allegedly began punching him. When the store owner’s friend got involved, the woman began punching and kicking him as well.

Police said the women also pepper sprayed him, as well as two other witnesses who tried recording the incident on their phones.

The women then fled the scene toward the Wheaton Metro station.


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