Travel insurers say they won’t cover holidays cancelled due to quarantine rules

Insurance providers Direct Line and Churchill are once again selling travel insurance policies, but they won’t cover holidaymakers who cancel a trip due to a change in Foreign Office advice.

The providers had suspended the sale of travel insurance due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, but are now resuming the sale of these policies.

However, a new exclusion means that holidaymakers won’t be covered if they cancel a trip because of quarantine, or if there is a change in Foreign Office advice related to Covid-19.

They also won’t cover you if you are unable to use pre-booked accommodation due to it or its immediate area being impacted by Covid-19.

It’s worth noting that the exclusions will only apply to new policies – if you have an existing policy with either provider, there are no changes to your existing cover (check your policy documents for full details).

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It’s slightly different if you are already on holiday and need to cut the trip short due to these reasons.

For example, if you have to cut a trip short because the FCDO changes its travel advice, you’ll be covered as long as the FCDO were not advising against travel when you departed on your trip.

This also applies if you have to cut a trip short because of quarantine (provided you did not travel against doctor’s advice), or because you can no longer use your pre-booked accommodation – as long as you were not aware of this before you travelled.

There is also no change to those who have booked a trip before their next renewal date from the 4th November 2020.

New and existing policies will continue to offer some cover for other coronavirus-related situations.

For example, there is still cover for cancellations due to illness as a result of being diagnosed with Covid-19, or any emergency medical expenses due to being diagnosed with and treated for Covid-19.

You can find out more about the policies and full terms and conditions on the Direct Line and Churchill websites.

  • During the coronavirus pandemic, countries may be subject to a change in travel restrictions. Always check the latest FCDO advice for your chosen destination before planning, booking, or going on a trip.


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