Wasteland Weekend festival brings Mad Max to life in post-apocalyptic world

A post-apocalyptic world doesn’t exactly sound like a party hotspot, but that’s exactly what’s on offer at a bizarre festival in California.

The annual Wasteland festival takes place in the heart of southern California’s desert, and it looks like something straight out of Mad Max.

Describing itself as the “world’s largest post-apocalyptic festival”, fancy dress is mandatory at the five-night event, where festival-goers camp in the desert and drive around in custom-built post-apocalypse vehicles.

There are over a thousand attendees which flock to the event, which boasts specially built sets and themed zones.

Guests can separate into ‘tribes’, with co-ordinated costumes, themed camps and cars and anything else which can set apart their tribal identity. Tribes can vary from four to five people, to as many as 40 members.

Revellers go all out with their costumes

Fancy a drive in the open desert?

And the revellers really go all out – we’re talking incredible costumes and body painting, as well as eye-catching dilapidated looking cars they’ve custom made for the event.

It looks like something out of Mad Max

Fancy dress is mandatory

Of course there are some of the usual offerings you’d expect from any festivals such as live bands and DJs, but there’s a plethora of unexpected events too – most notably the ‘Jugger’, described as “post-apocalyptic bloodsport of the future” where you can watch two characters go head to head.

Guests can bring custom-made post-apocalyptic vehicles

Food and drink can be found in Bartertown

(Don’t worry, these are stunt performers rather than amateurs!)

Then there are the sideshows such as fire dancers, wasteland burlesque, circus acts, themed games, competitions and activities as well as convoys of the decrepit cars for a desert drive unlike any other.

There are themed shows and performances too

Over one thousand people attend each year

Feeling peckish? Head down to ‘Bartertown’ where Wasteland merchants will be serving everything from food and drink to fancy dress extras.

The whole event takes place in a fenced-off area in the open desert, but there are wide spaces so you really do feel like you are far away from any sort of civilisation.

It’s described as the world’s largest post-apocalyptic festival

Sound like your kind of event? You can find out more on the Wasteland website. Security, portable toilets, and sinks will be provided.

Unsurprisingly, this is an adults-only event.

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