Truss is Tories’ New Favourite Cabinet Minister

Truss is Tories’ New Favourite Cabinet Minister

Liz Truss has won top approval spot from Tory supporters in the staple ConservativeHome cabinet satisfaction rankings, Edging ahead of Rishi Sunak’s long-lasting lead. After a string of trade deal successes, and numerous sound trade czar appointments from wonks to free market economists, Truss has secured a solid support base amongst the libertarian Tory right. Ever popular Rishi takes the number two spot, while Ben Wallace climbs to number three following his multi-year defence settlement win…

Notably in the wake of the Tiers row, Boris has collapsed eight points to a barely positive rating, at +2.9, only edging out four colleagues – Matt Hancock, Robert Jenrick, Amanda Milling and Gavin Williamson in that order. Tory grassroots are even more unhappy than Tory backbenchers at the Covid restrictions…


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