U. of Kansas Students Demand ‘Barf Bags’ for Monday After Super Bowl

Students at the University of Kansas are demanding that the university provide them with “barf bags” for Monday classes after Super Bowl Sunday to help them cope with their hangovers.

According to a report by Campus Reform, student senators at the University of Kansas approved a resolution last week that called on administrators to cancel classes on Monday because the Super Bowl is scheduled for Sunday night in Miami, Florida.

The Kansas City Chiefs are set to square off against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday night in Super Bowl LIV. Many students at the University of Kansas, which is just 45 minutes from Kansas City, Missouri, are Chiefs fans. Chiefs fans at the university believe that Monday classes should be canceled.

The resolution, which reportedly demanded that the university supply “barf bags” for students, said that Monday classes should be canceled for the sake of student health.

“The Student Senate body would be woefully negligent of its duty to represent the student body by not advocating for a concern for the health of students given the inevitability of celebrations that may occur should the Kansas City Chiefs emerge victorious…” the resolution read, adding that student health “would only be exasperated by the continuation of classes less than 12 hours after said victory…”

Student body president Tiara Floyd said that students at the University of Kansas frequently party too hard during major sporting events. Floyd claims that on the day after the Kansas City Royals won the World Series in 2015, she saw several students throwing up in their backpacks.

“I hate to say this; people were vomiting in their backpacks. That is a health issue,” Floyd said.


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