Up to $10 off the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9, 11

SAVE UP TO 14%: The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 and 11 are on sale across Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart for up to $10 off as of Oct. 16.

The entry-level instant cameras from Fujifilm’s Instax Mini line are some of the hottest holiday gifts year after year, and for good reason: They hit that sweet nostalgia spot, they’re portable, they’re super affordable, and they’re extremely easy to use — no photography experience required. (They’ve nabbed spots on not one, but five of our gift guides for kids and adults alike, if that tells you anything about the extent of their appeal.)

If you’re already doing some pre-Black Friday shopping strategizing, take note: As of Oct. 16, several retailers are running deals on two Instax Mini point-and-shoots, neither of which were on sale for Prime Day. (We also dug up a bunch of discounted film packs, just for good measure — the cameras themselves don’t come with any.) 

Here’s the sitch:

Released in May, the plastic pastel Instax Mini 11 is Fujifilm’s latest addition and the successor to the bestselling Instax Mini 9 (below). Highlights include a cute color range, a built-in mirror and a macro mode for selfies, and fully automatic exposure for brighter backgrounds — a first for the series.

Normally $69.99, you can snag one on sale at Amazon, Walmart, or Best Buy in your choice of five hues for only $59.99 — a 14% savings.

The Instax Mini 9 from 2017 is pretty similar to its successor, only its design is slightly boxier and its exposure and selfie mode are both manual — the latter requires a snap-on lens attachment. We’re partial to the 11 over the 9 for that improved usability, but you really can’t go wrong with either. (Plus, the 9 is bound to get way cheaper now that Fujifilm’s focused on a newer model.)

The Instax Mini 9 retails for $59.99 to $69.99, depending on the color you choose, but the last time we checked, you could save up to $10 at Amazon and Best Buy. (The cheapest Instax Mini 9 available at the time of publication was this smokey white one, which was $54.95 at at Amazon — a $5 savings.)

Stock up on film — save up to 42%

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