Voice of the Mirror: PM needs to put money where mouth is and bridge the North-South divide – Voice of the Mirror

Bridging the North-South divide calls for the PM to put money where his mouth is – and the signs are not good.

By instinct and action, Boris Johnson is a PM primarily for London – where he was mayor – and the English Home Counties, rather than the United Kingdom as a whole.

Tories with seats in Labour’s so-called “red wall” are in a minority in a party funded by – and too often acting as the political wing of – wealthy speculators.

The planning scandal involving Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick and Tory donor Richard Desmond is an insight into how the Conservatives do business, and that doesn’t bode well for Britain’s poorer areas.

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham speaks for many in demanding deeds not words from Boris Johnson

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham speaks for many in demanding deeds not words from Boris Johnson, who is spinning like a top before a big speech tomorrow.

We’re watching you, Prime Minister.

Insecure duo

Boris Johnson showing the door to Whitehall mandarin and national security adviser Sir Mark Sedwill is the PM simply playing political games.

The Tory leader and his privileged No10 henchman Dominic Cummings are focusing on a tiny part of London.

They are a duo who put their own interests ahead of the national interest.

Mark Sedwill is gone

Appointing chief Brexit negotiator David Frost to the security brief smacks of a Margaret Thatcher-style “one of us” fixation within the Downing Street cabal, when the only priority should be what’s best for Britain.

Who comes next will require close scrutiny when Johnson’s running another Tory “chumocracy”, with a contempt for democracy.

Rolled over

Donald Trump
The Stones have had enough of Trump

The Rolling Stones threatening Donald Trump with legal action unless he stops using their songs at campaign rallies would be a court-room hit.

The US President should know you can’t always get what you want.


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