What Happened to Nadav From ‘YMH’? Details on the Podcast Producer’s Absence

Back in 2020, Tom and Christine announced that big moves were in store for YMH Studios — and they meant that quite literally. The couple have decided to pick up their LA roots and head out for Austin, Tex. Their decision to move came shortly after fellow podcaster Joe Rogan announced his own move to Austin. Joe was actually one of the first people to encourage Tom and Christine to get into the podcasting biz and has maintained close ties to the network over the years.

After Tom and Christine revealed they would be moving across the country, YMH fans immediately started questioning whether Nadav and the rest of the production staff would also be moving. 

So far, we don’t have confirmation that Nadav, Enny, Josh, or the other YMH Studio folks will be moving, although Nadav did mention being happy to move out of his Hollywood apartment in a recent episode. We’ll have to stay tuned to see whether that means he’s actually heading out to Austin.


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