What it’s like in San Francisco’s Sea Cliff neighborhood

  • On the northwest corner of San Francisco lies the exclusive neighborhood of Sea Cliff.
  • It was founded in 1913 as one of the city’s residence parks, or makeshift suburbs.
  • It’s become one of San Francisco’s most elite residential areas housing prominent figures, including Twitter and Square founder and billionaire Jack Dorsey.
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If you need a reminder of San Francisco’s multifaceted landscape, go to Sea Cliff. 

As the name implies, it’s a neighborhood built on, and in some parts into, a cliff overlooking the expansive Pacific Ocean. It’s on the opposite side of the city center, away from the hustle and bustle — you’ll get a hefty whiff of salt and brush of sea breeze by merely wandering its streets.

Notable residents that have at one point owned property here include actors Robin Williams, Sharon Stone with then-husband Phil Bronstein — who was the executive editor for the San Francisco Examiner — Cheech Marin, and Eugene Levy; musicians Paul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane and Kirk Hammett of Metallica, prominent photographer Ansel Adams, and Bay Area tech bigwigs like Twitter and Square founder and CEO and billionaire Jack Dorsey, who reportedly paid a collective $30 million for two homes next door to each other, both nestled into a cliffside overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

It’s a coveted neighborhood, Sotheby’s real-estate agent Anne Herrera told Business Insider in a 2019 interview.

“It has become a place for those that have the means to do so to buy a house and still be in the city, but still be very connected to nature and all the beauty of the views of the bridge and the beach,” Herrera said.

We spent a day meandering through the neighborhood’s streets in early 2020, down El Camino Del Mar, Sea Cliff Avenue, and into the public cove of China Beach where Jack Dorsey’s home is visible.

It’s a breathtaking part of San Francisco — here’s what it’s like inside.


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