Who Are All of Larry King’s 7 Ex-Wives? His Latest Divorce Was in 2019

After 22 years of marriage, Larry filed for divorced from Shawn Southwick King, his seventh wife, in 2019.

The couple had two sons together (Chance, who’s 21, and Cannon, who’s 20). According to The Blast, which first reported on the divorce, Larry filed for divorce in August 2019 due to “irreconcilable differences.” Larry and Shawn have been separated since June 6, 2019. Sources say Shawn was having an affair, and Larry was understandably “distraught.” However, this hasn’t been proven.

During a February 2020 interview with People, Larry reflected on his seven ex-wives.

“I got married a lot,” he told the publication. “But in my head, I’m not a marrying guy. When I grew up, nobody lived together. If you fell in love, you got married. And so I married the ones that I loved. But what I loved at 20 is not what I loved at 30 and what I loved at 30 is not what I loved at 40.”

“We had a big age difference and that eventually takes its toll, Larry added of the 26-year age gap between him and Shawn. “It became an issue. Also, [Shawn] is a very religious Mormon and I’m an agnostic atheist, so that eventually causes little problems.”


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