Why Did xQc Get Banned from Twitch This Time?

Most recently, xQc cheated while playing in a Fall Guys tournament as part of GlitchCon. xQc was on a team, and in this tournament, the prize was $11,000 per team member of the winning team, so even though xQc was out of the game, he needed to figure out a way to win. So, against Twitch’s guidelines, xQc stream sniped to cheat and attempt to win.

According to GameRant, stream sniping is “a practice that has grown alongside the expansion of streaming on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Snipers watch streamers play a game online and use that information to join the same game with the goal of either assisting or foiling the streamer’s efforts.” In this instance, xQc had been eliminated and joined the game as another character, grabbed the opponent, and then jumped off the map to kill his team’s competitor.

This is clearly against Twitch’s guidelines, so xQc did get banned by the platform. According to xQc, he’s looking at a seven day suspension. However, he’s banned from Twitch Rivals events for six months and will also have to forfeit his prize winnings from GlitchCon (although that shouldn’t be much of a dent in his estimated several million dollar net worth).


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