Will You Vote for ‘Love, Compassion, and Kindness’ or ‘Division and Hatred’

Actor Mark Ruffalo, who won his first Emmy Award Sunday for HBO’s I Know This Much Is True, urged people to cast their ballots in November for “love and compassion and kindness” during his impassioned acceptance speech.

The anti-Trump actor delivered a highly emotional speech in which he never mentioned the president or Joe Biden by name. But the commander in chief was the clear subtext in his rambling monologue.

“We are stronger together when we love each other and we respect each other’s diversity. Are we going to be a country of division, hatred and a country only for a certain kind of people or are we going to be one of love and strength & fighting for all of us?” Ruffalo said.

Watch below: 

“If you have privilege, you have to fight for those who are less fortunate, and more vulnerable,” he added. “Vote for love and compassion and kindness.”

The actor played identical twin brothers in the HBO miniseries, which was adapted from the Wally Lamb novel of the same name.

Mark Ruffalo said earlier this year that the world should consider President Donald Trump as “public enemy no. 1” in terms of climate change policy. He also said  “one way or another we are going to kick Trump’s ass.”

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