You can now take virtual winery tours including wine samples sent to your door

Wine lovers no longer need to leave their sofa to explore the world’s most beautiful wineries and vineyards.

That’s because you can now opt for virtual tours of the beautiful hotspots – and they will even deliver samples of the wines straight to your door so you can make the most of a virtual ‘tasting’ session.

That’s because Wine Paths has launched new private virtual tours of iconic wineries and distilleries in some seriously beautiful locations across France, Italy and South Africa.

You can choose the location – so you could even take a tour of a winery in New Zealand (although you’ll need to be really committed, considering the time difference!).

No need to bother with travel restrictions or quarantine rules for these tours.

Wine tasting from your living room, anyone?

You’ll get access to a guide on location who can take you on a virtual tour of the grounds, and who can give you a behind-the-scenes look at how your favourite drinks are made.

The one-hour session will also include a tasting session/masterclass where your guide will talk you through the various wines on offer.

Of course a tasting session isn’t quite the same if you can’t sample the wines yourself, but the good news is that you won’t need to go out and scour shelves to find the right wines.

Instead, the winery will ship bottles required for tastings directly to your door.

No need to bother with quarantine rules

If you’d still prefer to buy the wines yourself, Wine Paths can help you find out which UK shops stock the bottles.

The best part is that you can get your friends and family involved, as the virtual tours are done privately via Zoom calls.

It’s not just wine experiences on offer. Wine Paths also works with various distilleries, so if gin or whiskey is more your thing, then there are tailored virtual tours to cater to those as well.

Prices depend on your group size and your chosen winery, as well as what you choose in terms of tasting samples.

Sounds like something right up your street? You can get more details and book on the Wine Paths website.

  • Always drink responsibly.


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