Your dog can get a job reviewing staycations – and you can come along for free

Dogs have plenty of career options such as becoming police dogs, rescue dogs and guide dogs – and now, they can be travel experts too!

In fact, Canine Cottages is looking for 10 pooches to become ‘Canine Critics’, reviewing its pet-friendly cottages and staycation locations.

Oh, and pets can of course bring their owners along for the free getaway too.

In fact, each Canine Critic will receive a £1,000 voucher for a cottage holiday with their owner, as well as a bag full of treats.

As for the job itself? According to the description, man’s best friend will be “reviewing cottage holidays, posting on Canine Cottages’ social channels, sniffing out adventures along the way and generally living the doggy dream”.

(No doubt some of these responsibilities will include a helping hand from their human!).

Canine Critics review staycations – with some help from their owners

Basically, it’s the perfect excuse to head off on a staycation with your pet, whether you want to explore the countryside or fancy a long weekend at the seaside.

Think your dog could be perfect for the role?

Canine Critics receive a £1,000 voucher for a cottage getaway – and some other treats too

Simple head to the Canine Cottages website and submit your favourite photo of your dog, which you think best shows his/her personality. There’s also a short online form.

Make sure you send in your snap by the 29th October 2020, when applications will close.

To apply, you’ll need to submit your favourite photo of your dog

It’s not the first time the company has been in search of Canine Critics, so if you’ve previously applied with your dog, don’t let that stop you from applying again!

Shannon Keary, Canine Cottages Digital PR Manager, said: “Our 2019 campaign was phenomenally successful and we were overwhelmed with the calibre and quantity of entries.

It’s ideal for dogs who need a bit of time off from the daily grind

“The chosen 2019 Critics have been amazing and we’ve loved having them as ambassadors for our brand.

“Now we cannot wait to recruit ten, new top dogs for 2020. We’re on the hunt for a diverse selection of ‘real’ dogs who love to explore the UK and have their photo taken, as well as a willing human to sit, stay and lie down with!”


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